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Repair a dynamic disk, force converting to basic


When changing my external HD and it already had in the note, had the following problem: “Invalid disk” both in Server Management when DiskPart.

The disk in question was to boot on my old notebook that was formatted as Dynamic and with 3 partitions (System, OS and data).

Found in TechNet Forum references to the same problem, but not applied or not adiantavam in my case and was when commented of the Validator tool (, which I had already used but to edit files and not to edit disk sectors.

So ai is the solution, using the Validator edit the disk and change the hex 42 (dynamic) to 07 (Basic) and the disc is to be seen with all partitions, but with the symptom of appear some “ghosts” partitions.

In Figure 1 see the opening of the disk through the menu “Extras-> Open Disk”


In Figure 2 we find the definition of the types of partitions, which initiate 0000001C0 position onwards and note the third octet with 42 DWORD and change to 07.


In Figure 3 to see that the disk was seen as a basic disk, the partitions have returned, including 200 used System and as a “ghost” with the letter H that had no owner and that second reference was the partition of control of the dynamic disk.


So after relocating the 200 MB for disk g:, h: disk erase and reformat the partition 1 that was boot I was with my disk recovered and am using normally as a single partition without losing data that was on partition 2:



Important: do not use this feature on data without taking into account the risk of losing partitions, especially taking into account that certain features are not supported (Extend, Expand, RAIDs) on basic disks. This feature is interesting and essential if you want to retrieve data from disks that are on the specifications of basic disks, i.e. up to 4 partitions without RAID features.


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  1. I have tryed this but it only works with one partition, i can’t see and definition of the second partition.

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