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Storage Space Volume Not Mount After Boot


A recurring problem that we have now several customers started to use the Storage Space to mount volumes RAID is he not return mounted when the machine is restarted.


Every time a server you have configured disks from Windows Storage Spaces, 2012 is necessary to go in and redo the Volumes Attach the disc.

In Server Manager, configuration of volumes of Storage Space below, in the column of warnings appears a warning yellow, indicating that the disk is okay and you do right click to Attach and he returns to appear on the server with the same configuration and letter originally defined.



When a Storage Space is mounted, one of the options that can be set by the PowerShell (is automatic in the GUI Server Manager) is the IsManualAttach that must be True.

When the disc is moved from one server to another or redefined by adding the Manual Attach disk returns the pattern that is False.


The solution is very simple, use the PowerShell below to list the volumes that are as: manual

Get-VirtualDisk | where IsManualAttach

Will be generated a list as copied below, where you can see that the IsManualAttach is enabled:


Using the name of the disk, which is the name that appears in Windows Explorer, you can disable the attach manual:

Set-VirtualDisk-FriendlyName RAID-VMs-IsManualAttach $False

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