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Communication error between the agent and server in DPM 2012


The following error may occur in cases of DPM installation on machines that already had some other System Center 2012 Beta and Release Candidate.


Log Name: Application
Source: DPMRA
Event ID: 85
Level: Error
The DPM agent failed to communicate with the DPM service on W2K8R2-DPM. .br because of a communication error. Make sure that the DPM-W2K8R2. .br is remotely accessible from the computer running the DPM agent. If a firewall is enabled on DPM-W2K8R2. .br, make sure that it is not blocking requests from the computer running the DPM agent (Error code: 0x23e750, full name: W2K8R2-DPM. br).

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM
Event ID: 10006
Level: Error
User: N/a
Computer: W2K8R2-HV-AD. .br
DCOM got error "2147944121" from the computer W2K8R2-DPM. .br when attempting to activate the server:


On the server already existed some installation of products that use RPC port for internet, as RPC-Over-HTTP, SCOM, SCCM and others. The error does not occur on machines specifically designed for DPM.

The registry is created a subkey in the PRC for internet access, indicating the available ports and with some parameters that end up creating problems in remote calls in your local network.


Make a backup of the registry tree below and delete.


Reboot the machine to reconfigure the RPC services and rebuild the communication tests with the DPM agent.

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