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Integrating SCOM with System Center Advisor


System Center Advisor is a very good tool for monitoring of environments because it has dynamic rules and totally free. For those who still don’t know or want to know details, follow the links below:

How to integrate System Center Advisor with Operations Manager?

SCOM allows you to monitor your entire environment, since video camera equipment (with SNMP) to mainframe (with management packs), but its rules are based on preselected behaviors often reactive.

On the other hand, the Advisor is based on Best Practices with little more than 350 intuitive and preventive rules.

Join the capabilities of the two products is the desired and simple to be done. The first step is from the console of the SCOM "Administration-> System Center Advisor – > Advisor Connector" and pass the data of your account in the Advisor:


From your login, SCOM will ask you to select your account in the Advisor, since it is possible to have multiple:


The next step is to select the servers that will be monitored by the Advisor in conjunction with SCOM:


After the integration, the console of the Advisor will be able to see that the SCOM is integrated in the Servers tab:


How to view the data of Advisor in SCOM?

This preview is automatic, because the Advisor will create views and status to the SCOM, with two main views.

The first view that may be displayed are built-in agents States:


And the second view allows you to view the alerts generated by the Advisor and imported by SCOM:


Finally, add the two products is simple and functional, without generating costs.

If you already have the SCOM, integrate System Center Advisor and take advantage of joint features of these two products.

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