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Using the Azure Log Analytics (OMS) and the SCOM on Same Machine


To use the Log Analytics, former Operational Insights, together with System Center Operations Manager you can do this by SCOM itself console.

This form of integration already in March 2014:

Despite having changed the name of System Center Advisor, then for Operational Insights and Analytics Log now, the process of integration with SCOM remained the same.

But to a limitation in the SCOM integration process, because it only allows a who/Log Analytics account by organization. In many cases it is necessary to use more than one account, for example:

  • Service providers and CSC in that each client has a different account in Azure
  • When we use multiple signatures to monitor the same physical environment
  • When one of the accounts is the benefit of Visual Studio with limited credits and wish to separate the servers in different accounts

In these cases we can use the two methods the same time, install the SCOM agent and do not link to a Log Analytics account and make the process only in the desired machines.

For this, the first step is to open the Log Analytics and copy the Workspace ID and the Primary Key. See in the example below I already have my SCOM Log integrated Analytics.


The next step is to go to the machine that you want to monitor and open the SCOM monitoring agent (Microsoft Monitoring Agent):


To open the agent settings note the aba Azure Operational Insights (previous name Log Analytics). See in this print that I already have the machine being reported to the SCOM:


Enter your account details in the Log Analytics and ready, now you can have multiple accounts or individual monitoring:


Now my Active Directory data that previously were not being populated are duly completed and monitored:


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