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System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Analyzer


The SC2012 CA is a tool based on the MBCA (Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer) which has the function to check if one or more servers are configured securely and with critical updates.

With the SC2012 CA it is possible to extend the functions of the MBCA to apply recommendations on tools of the System Center suite 2012.

The first step is to download the MBCA 2.0 in and the SCCA in

Running System Center 2012 Configuration Analyzer

Note that when opening the menu does not have an option for the SCCA, since it’s a plugin of the MBCA, as can be seen below:

28-02-2013 09-40-41

The next step is to select the computers that will be validated. However, to validate some remote servers you may need to register with Setspn. If you don’t know how to use, can use the SCCA’s own statements, as shown in the topics:

28-02-2013 09-40-51

The results are displayed in two tabs, you can see a summary or detail of the parsed data. In the example below I ran in a 2012 SCSM SP1 and the initial result is that there is achieving 100% implementation and allowing export the report that can be reviewed later after saved with the option "Open Report" on first pront.

28-02-2013 09-42-38

28-02-2013 09-43-08

Using the Collected Data it is possible to see the data used by SCCA to validate the SCSM:

28-02-2013 09-42-49

Remote Servers

Install the MBCA and the SCCA on a single server is useful to avoid installation in a server farm or even for machines with limited access. However, in some cases it is not possible to run the SCCA remotely having as a result the message below:

28-02-2013 10-13-44

The Credssp enables the server where the SCCA is installed has access to the server that is being analyzed, being simple to run.


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