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Office 365 Compliance Supervisory Dashboard


As discussed in the previous post we have a new panel aimed at the Risk Management team.

Now let’s talk about the Supervision panel where it is possible to monitor actions, very similar to what the administrator already sees in the Office 365 protection panel. Unlike the Compliace panel and the management panel, the rules in the supervision panel have filters for specific users and definition of reviewers.

The link to this panel is at

See that different from the initial compliance management panel, this panel has its own dashboards and callsigns:


Once the rules are created, it will be possible to see the effectiveness, applications and users with the most occurrences:


Creating Rules for Supervision with Models

In this example I created a policy based on sensitive data such as CPF, CNPJ and RG, but the list is quite large including data such as checking accounts and credit cards in addition to the ones you create yourself.


In this second example the rule is for offensive language, where he uses the Office 365 dictionary to detect this type of action:


After creating the rules-based policies it is possible to create notice templates, which are the emails that I will send to the user in case of notice of an unwanted action:


Editing Policies Created by the Model

Now when editing the policies that the models create, we can see what it uses and also customize:



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