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Integrating Manufacturer Updates with System Center Configuration Manager (Endpoint Protection Server)


One of the needs that many IT administrators have is to update centrally.

This is due to having a single point of contact, to avoid installing more software from manufacturers, mainly for drivers of clients and servers with several manufacturers.

Already well structured and since the 2012 version, SCCM has the capacity called SCUP (System Center Update Service) for this.

Using SCUP

It is very simple to use, go to the manufacturer’s website which can be HW or SW and get the URL with the updates cab file. Within this file you will have the XML definitions of updates and requirements. For example, it contains updates with the list of compatible servers and machines, or software requirements for updates such as Adobe and Autodesk.

Once you have the URL go to Software Library -> Software Updates -> Third-Party Software Updates and include the catalog as the image below:

Anotação 2019-12-30 180714-2

Anotação 2019-12-30 180714-3

From there on, just wait for it to finish the synchronization process and use the Subscribe to Catalog button to start the updates:

Anotação 2019-12-30 180714-4

They will appear with the Windows updates to be approved, with a separate class to create the automatic Deploy rules.

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