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Operations Management Suite (OMS) is now Azure Monitoring


For some time OMS has been a tool that always aboard clients and events.

It is a very good product, with rich analysis and has evolved a lot in the last year, becoming the product that many think will replace System Center in the future.

What has changed in the interface?

The previous interface was simpler and in a portal the part as it is in the post below:

Now the interface is integrated into the Azure panel, allows you to create new dashboards easily. In addition, it is possible to individually access each of the monitors.


image (1)

With this integration into the Azure interface it has become much easier and more functional.

And how was the licensing?

In the post where we had already approached the OMS we talked about the acquisition that was complex since each module was part of a bundle, and each bundle if solutions was separate payment. There was the option to buy per node or log upload, but there were limitation of solutions and modules in the upload model.

Now it’s much easier, there’s only one charging mode that is uploaded.

That is, you can now pay for the size of the logs you send, which is much more practical and simple!

image (2)

If you do not use Log Insights because you do not understand how to pay, it has now been simple and much cheaper!

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  1. Anton Mosyagin permalink

    It was Operations Management Suite not System. )))

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