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Windows EOL and SQL 2008-Extension Options


As it is already known, the product lifecycle of Microsoft for 2019 include Windows and SQL 2008 RTM and R2.

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Why is it important?

This is a typical problem in large enterprises, controlling the product support lifecycle that is implemented.

This matter is not of less importance, since having the support finished implies:

  • New security threats, even those involving software breaches, are no longer available for expired systems
  • New features in new products have no guarantee of operation on expired products

The first item is very important. Imagine that your company is vulnerable to an attack like many we’ve seen, because only ONE SERVER in your environment is expired !!!

What do I do if I have products that expire?

Obviously the best option is to migrate ("TO-BE"), but we know that it is not always possible. What can help is to use products such as the Log Insights Service Map ( ).

But for those who can not upgrade, one option is to buy support via Premier for another 3 years, which is not cheap but it is possible to negotiate through your Microsoft account team.

The cost to extend support PER YEAR is equivalent to 75% of full software in the most current version.

However, Microsoft has offered a very interesting option that is to migrate to Azure "AS-IS" !!!!

That’s right, anyone migrating Azure to Windows 2008 and SQL Server 2008 will not have to worry as they will have free support for an additional 3 years.

We need not even argue that it is a strategy to increase the use of Azure, but very good financially for whatever workload it has.


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