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Assisted Office 365 and Azure Adoption with FastTrack


By converting new customers who had on-premise products to online products we always have the initial impact of migration.

If the customer purchased in CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) mode the initial configuration is all performed by the partner and the migration of the data in general is also already included as a service. After all, it is important to remember that in CSP mode, whoever holds the account is the partner because it is a managed model.

In the Licensing Partners model, either with MPSA or Enterprise Agreement (EA), the owner of the account and the tenant is the client. This means that it is up to the customer to create the tenant, enable the services, configure and migrate the data.

How to kickoff Office 365 without pain and with the best structure?

The obvious answer would be to hire a Microsoft services partner specializing in Office 365 who will do the whole process but often is not what will be done.

In these cases, FastTrack can be triggered.

What is Microsoft FastTrack?

In basic terms FastTrack is a website content an entire repertoire of tools for those who already have or acquired Office 365 in direct contract (MPSA or EA).

When entering the site you can start by seeing a Dashboard of its current state as below:


Note that soon in the first part we see the name of my test tenant, the data including some company information and the manager of FastTrack, Engineer and Architect. Who are these figures?

Some clients, especially at adoption, have the benefit of engaging an MS team to assist with migration planning and execution.

This does not want to do that they will execute, but rather will guide and support in the process of creating the tenant, AD integration (AADSYNC), service configuration and the migration process itself.

To find out if you are eligible, see "Offers" and "Services":



The first item "Bids" are not migrations but documentation generated for compliance and filing.

The "Services" item is where you can request that Microsoft engage the team to perform the desired functions.

Note that not only Office 365, but also Windows Deployment Planning (in this case you need to have Planning Services voucher) and a partner to help with Windows 10 if you have not already migrated.

We also have the option of Azure, but it is only available for some countries and the customer needs to consume at least U $ 5000 a month.

In either case, Microsoft sends you an email with more information for you and will initiate the process according to the type of request.

And if I already have the tenant and I use it, what value do I have in FastTrack?

Still, it’s interesting. Go to the link

This site has a list of resources where you can download presentations, guides, e-mail templates and educational videos.

The only restriction is that all content is in English Sad smile

Anyway, tools like "Network Planner" to validate link need is very important for the first moment.

We can also highlight the videos and documents where we can learn more about resources and the step-by-step of a success story!

Scenario Design (Success Plans)

A very interesting option is the creation of Success Plans that can be seen in the first screen of this post.

When you create a plan and choose the product, you will be guided to a complete checklist where you can choose what you will do and the site will help you walk the right path.

A very helpful help when we are doing the implementation and we do not want to let something go!



And an interesting feature is that you can access videos to help in the adoption of the desired product by end users.



Whether it’s deployed, already running on just a few products or evolving the environment, FastTrack will be a huge help to success!

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