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Azure Reserved Instance Available for purchase


In a post at the beginning of the month we comment on the Azure Reserved Instance on

Now it is available for purchase and also on the calculator of Azure (Azure Pricing Calculator) to estimate the economy so much just the VM and AHUB.

To remind, the AHUB is the feature that allows economy by using the licenses that you have acquired Software Assurance

Using the calculator

Visit the Azure cost calculator and adding a VM will see the option to include the AHUB also laughs at 1 or 3 years.

Below are the pictures demonstrating how to choose and the possible reduction of $102 to a normal, $58 in a VM laughs at 3 years and joining the AHUB to U $24!!!!!




And finally with the AHUB option:


Buying Reserved Instance in the Azure Portal

RI purchase the portal requires that first enabled the offer in the signature.

It is important that subscriptions to MSDN or benefit and Dev/test not have RI because it comes at a cost of 40 to 60% lower in the VMs.





Conclusion: We Now have a VM with more than 80% off joining the offers of RI and AHUB!!!

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