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Acquiring and licensing the Azure OMS – Operations Management Suite


We present many times to the client this solution, which runs on Azure brings benefits too great for it’s it administrator.

Has been much talked about the who, originally called System Center Advisor, after Log Insights (Using the Azure Log Analytics (OMS) and the SCOM on Same Machine and

I’m very fond of showing the Health Check solutions (Active Directory and SQL) and Change Log:


But many do not understand how the licensing to purchase this solution.

What are the possibilities to acquire?

First is good to remember the basic levels that a management space (as they are called the “tenants”) can be:


  • Free – Useful for testing because it does not limit to only a few of the packages, but the collection is limited to 512 KB per day of logs and only 7 days retention
  • Standalone -allows you to collect without restriction of size and retention of 30 days (can be customized), has no price per server/node for storage consumed. However, it does not allow to use all the solution packages that need to be acquired in packages E1 or E2
  • Standard and Premium -allows you to collect without restriction, retention of 365 days and allows use of solution packages, depending on the chosen level
  • Who – this is the bundle E1 or E2 that can be purchased on an as-needed basis, with price per managed nodes and that includes System Center licensing and other services
Which of the models worth?

If your intention is to use the counters and how Healthy Check solutions and some analysis, you can select the Standalone plan where you can use several solutions paying only the log store so much.

But with the Standalone cannot evolve into other solutions, such as network traffic analysis and mapping solutions.

Due to this limitation, the ideal is to have the bundles of who where you will be able to choose the solutions and also include a number of services and built-in consumption, besides all the Licensing System Center.

Who packages E1 and E2

Without doubt the best option for companies, where you get services and packages with System Center included (or via Add-on if you already have) and you can use other services already included in the price.


As we see in the image above, the bundles are composed of management packs (image below), services such as Backup and Recovery Site and the licensing of System Center.

This is very interesting when we compare the costs of each of the services and what they include:


Just compare the cost of each Management Pack with the value of E1 and E2 to notice that it’s not worth a Standalone acquisition/Standard/Premium, only the cost of the Protection/Recovery is already practically the bundle value E2.

What if I already have the System Center or licensing Windows CIS (Cloud Infrastructure Suite)?

In this case do not have to pay twice the System Center, because as the E1 and E2 already include can acquire by add-on, or be added to the package that already has and may choose to continue renewing the CIS/Licensing System Center or converting to who:


Personally I think it’s good for this case continue with the System Center licensing/CIS, since I use some nodes with who and some don’t depending on the model of monitoring that wish to adopt.

How can I estimate and compare and decide these costs?

Microsoft has a calculator where you select the services and receives the comparison between the bundles who E1 and E2 or standalone purchases:


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