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Software Asset Management (SAM)-Converting licensing for Azure


This topic is relevant at a time when we’re migrating to Cloud Publishes in many companies.

Update: Microsoft create other campaign:

Continuing the series on SAM, let’s get some other topics and give attention to Azure. To view the list of subjects we’ve covered visit

1-Using the Normal Licensing for Windows VMs (SPLA)

To create virtual machines in the Azure is already set that the operating system is Windows and pay licensing embedded as part of the service.

This licensing model is called the SPLA and allows a provider (not exists only in Azure) license VMs as services billed instead of customer purchases the perpetual license as in online environments cause.

The cost of that licensing is measured by comparing values of the same with Windows and Linux VMs in and

The day I rode this post the hour value of a VM D2 v2 Linux is U $0.159 and the same VM with Windows U $0.251. That is a difference of 43% in the price of the VM.

For this price difference we have options to use other forms of licensing we will discuss below.

2-Using AHUB (Azure Hybrid Use Benefit)

The AHUB is nothing more than using your license already bought on contract with Software Assurance (SA) in Azure and pay the SPLA Licensing.

Note however that your license should have SA hired, namely the right to upgrade, and virtualization. If you don’t know the SA see the post where we have a topic on this.

In the case of using the AHUB the price difference calculated in previous item does not exist, since the licensing is now done in recruitment in Enterprise Agreement, MPSA or even OPEN. The contract type depends on the value and is acquired by a Microsoft licensing partner (LSP).


Microsoft already provides the templates for VMs AHUB but is also possible to use PowerShell with the –licencetype parameter. In case if you use the portal, simply create the VM stating that:


However it is important to note that the AHUB is a Windows machine created with the price of Linux and it’s not possible to make the change through the gate. That is, you must re-create the VM if it already exists in the normal template.

Of course there are easier ways:

  1. Delete the VM, but not delete the disk
  2. Create a new VM as AHUB
  3. Attach the VM disk that was deleted
3-Using CPP (Compute Pre-Purchase)

The CPP is an old acquaintance who uses AWS, with the name of RI (Reserved Instance), but with a difference. See the following link, but he doesn’t have many details:

While at AWS customer buys a given type VM/layer, the CPP of Azure the customer buys compute hours of given type/VM layer, following some rules:

  • Equivalent buying 744 hours of a determined based on type of VM
  • Are purchased for 12 months regardless of the anniversary of the contract (no-rata)
  • Are not linked to a VM specifies, works as a reduction in the total hours
  • May not be used or relocated to other types of VM as if it were proportional
  • Is paid upfront, that is the value of 12 months

The cost reduction is significant, but the value depends on the type of contract that the customer has and the level of discount, in some cases reaches 60% to customers and.

To understand the calculation, let’s use a simple table of HYPOTHETICAL cost:


More a time it is important to note that these VMs cannot be assigned to another type, the CPP covers for 12 months 744 hours monthly from a determined based on type of VM.

However, some customers use the CPP to upgrade since it allows cost reduction with the same value already provisioned for Azure 2 up to 3 layers the existing VMs!

4-Using CPP + AHUB

It is possible to combine the CPP with AHUB? YES!!!

Taking into account that the above calculation of the CPP was hypothetical, we use the value U $0.251 reference for Windows VMs in CPP with $0.16 U value, namely a VM with Windows SPLA Licensing.

Join the discount that the proportional AHUB, you can buy Linux VMs and use licensing that already has under contract, for example the value of the same VM D2 v2 of U $0.159 Linux would fall to U $0.12 with Windows using the existing licensing.


With PPC you can save 25 to 60% without having to make any effort, and with the AHUB you can create much more VMs account using the existing contract with Windows.

Clear that the CPP is much more attractive, since it does not require change in VM template, but both the AHUB as the CPP must be included in licensing agreements.

Now have fun, see licensing your partner and see how much you can save with these two licensing options!

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