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Upgrade and Update of Windows Server 2016


Last night (10/12/2016) Microsoft released the Windows Media Server Standard and Enterprise 2016 for MSDN subscribers and customers of volume by the VLSC.

This new release brings several new features, such as distributed Storage (similar to VMWare VSAM), new features to the operating system.

On the page -2016/default.aspx # MenuItem3 is possible to see all the new features and documentation.

Important to note that other than Windows R2, Windows 2012 2016 back having feature differences between the Standard version and Enterprise!

Update Post Installation

It is important that together with the installation media also download the Cumulative Update 1:


That’s right, the media finals was available along with the first Cumulative Update. The reason is that the availability of media Technical Preview generated data for new fixes, and these were included in the CU1.

2012 R2 Version upgrade and Technical Preview

Is it possible to upgrade from the 2012 version R2 normally in any type of installation.

For those who had already installed some TP is possible to upgrade directly, but only for the version with Desktop Experience installed.

Other cases can be found at paths

In the example below, the result of upgrading a clustered Hyper-V server that has Storage Spaces with SSD disks and RAID several VMs running:




Upgrade problems

As in previous versions, if an error occurs during the upgrade you can revert to the previous state without problems.

However, unlike a client operating systems (Windows 10) this revert is not possible after the upgrade to be finished.

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