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Skype Meeting Broadcast – Solution for Meetings and Online Training


One of the resources released for customers who have Skype For Business is the Broadcast, that allows sessions and online events for up to 10000 people, with anonymous access, restricted, moderator and other resources in a web interface without plug-ins.

This feature works like the Webex, with questions and answers Panel, audio and video. However, as the presenter is the Skype For Business can share from a ppt to a whole desktop.

The best of it? Is a free resource for all Enterprise clients with Office 365 E1, E3, E5 or Skype For Business Plan 2!!!!

Important: you must enable the feature in your tenant, which can be done using PowerShell

How to set up a session or Event

Go to the website with your corporate account and you will have access to your calendar with upcoming events:


To create a new event, click "new meeting" and enter the required data:

  • Members: Are users that will join with the Skype For Business and can both make simultaneous presentation as act as moderators
  • Participants: Who can watch, if anonymous just repost the link generated. If it’s safe, it will be necessary to inform the list and can be external users. If you choose any company will be validated with the Azure AD
  • Video Recording: when you select this option, the meeting is recorded and is available on the portal above. However, if you choose the option "Provide." users will be able to attend the event with the link of the inscription, as a Replay


After created the scheduling is possible to show details such as link and create an invitation to be distributed:


But is the screen "Participants page settings" where we have a few interesting items:


    • Troubleshooting and support: The link appears at the meeting for users click if you have any problems. Is not interactive and a standard Microsoft page that can be replaced by a custom page
    • Custom Link: As the default link has session codes, it is possible to both shorten with specific sites like or or enter the link please, remember that will always bear the name of the tenant
    • Right or left panel application: We can choose which application will appear to users such as Yammer, Pulse or the most important of all, the questions and Answers pane.



Initiating and participating in the Session

By using the link provided, it is the custom or default, will be presented with the screen below:


When you click "Enter as a member of the team of the event" will open the Skype For Business as it is where we can use voice, video, and sharing, in addition to the chat frame which will be P & R seen by participants.

When you click to "participate in the event" the user will see the screen or content shared by the members of the team along with the response that is the most common configuration:




We have an excellent tool at hand, many today use paid services and don’t know the Office 365 plans today offer this feature free games!

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