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Why Microsoft Azure Stack need Approved Hardware?


As is expected for all MIcrosoft IT professionals, the Azure Stack release is awaited with great anticipation. The launch was expected along with Windows 2016, but has now been postponed to the middle of next year.

Basically, the Azure Stack is the same structure of Azure, but for on-premisse environments with the new portal.

Microsoft has had this product in the past as CPS by Dell (Cloud Platform System) which was a rack of servers with System Center and Windows Azure Pack configured to provide cloud solutions "in the House".

The evolution of the product was evident, the new portal of the Azure compared to previous portal with its new features and features was what made us wait so eagerly the Azure Stack.

What has changed now?

Just as in the CPS, the Azure Stack will integrate software and hardware updates and advanced capabilities of biling, monitoring and resource balancing.

Additionally, the potential users of this type of product are businesses who need cloud models and commercial Datacenters.

Therefore, it is not possible to turn the Azure Stack on any hardware and ensure environmental criticality with 99.95% SLA is the desire for this type of environment.

One advantage of the Azure Stack on the CPS is that CPS was a Microsoft product By Dell and the Azure Stack will allow any manufacturer homologue the hardware!

This is not a change of course

Despite the Azure Stack have been publicly released, always knew he would require more hardware "heavy" and that this type of solution requires the use of approved hardware.

Everyone who already work with Datacenter solutions knows that models like the Microsoft CPS and the VCE (VMWare + Citrix + EMC) are essential to ensure that all resources of servers, storages and networking work each other without falling performance, resource loss or incompatibilities.

Anyway, the Azure Stack will be a major release and a huge evolution in Microsoft’s private cloud model, but don’t expect to run it on that server you have at home;-)

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