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New Feature of System Center Configuration Manager 1511 – Updates


What is the SCCM 1511 and when they will leave SCCM 2016?

Before I talk about this new feature, it’s good to remember that now the SCCM year as version (2007, 2012, etc.) and will be like Windows 10 using a build and we are currently in 1512 in RTM (not test version).

This is good news, because the concepts of version that hinder the licensing and maintenance. Even better with the new feature that we can talk now.

What is the Update and Servicing?

One of the news involving the System Center Configuration Manager’s console update 1511 "Update and Servicing".

This new functionality could be complemented with this feature (, but now has moved on.

From that new item in the console it is possible to know which version is the Build in production and to download and install as if it were Windows Update to SCCM.

In the example below you can see that downloaded the update from 1511 to 1512 without any intervention during the download and installation, coupled with the fact that he automatically do the rollback on failure:


It is interesting to note that it is now possible to download only updates features in the Update and Servicing, which was not possible until 2012 SCCM R2.

With this news coupled with the fact that we don’t have more complex versioning, it will be much easier to maintain in SCCM.

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