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System Center Technical Preview (vNext) – Removed Features


Already for some time we have available to download preview versions of System Center, and a question on send is often about SCCM and the app controller.

Where’s the SCCM TP?

First we take the Configuration Manager (SCCM). Despite being part of the family (suite) of System Center products, SCCM is handled by a separate group. While the Group of Program Managers of CDM (Cloud and Datacenter Management) takes care of the entire suite, SCCM is under the Enterprise Group Client Management since you’re more connected to client tier than servers and it operations as other products.

Thus, SCCM is not yet available in Technical Preview version.

App Controller

Now let’s talk about the app controller. This tool is one that particularly I loved (, because it integrates the administration of private environment (via VMM) with the public environment in Azure, allowing to use the same templates and a single administrative tool.

In version vNext System Center it will be discontinued, and the reason is that few companies used the app controller to manage hybrid environments, using the app controller as self-service portal.

With the launch of Windows Azure Pack (WAP), the main customers of the app controller have been given a much more robust self-service tool and complete for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS (app controller only provided IaaS).

Server App-V

I discussed this tool in the past ( and its functionality has always been little used.

With telemetry and use Microsoft’s research found that customers use more templates with the applications and software’s installed than the sequencing of applications/services.

Based on this low usage and duplicity of ways to embed applications, Microsoft decided by more economical which is discontinue development.

Other Removals

There are still some other items, but are less relevant and obvious, such as older versions of vCenter and Xen.

All the removals are available at

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