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Windows 10 and System Center vNext – Roadmap and Compatibility News


The official announcement today on the Windows team blog and System Center reserve some very important information after the announcement of the new build and the automatic update and free for Windows 7 and 8/8.1

In short, the release of Windows will be 10 in early 2016 along with System Center vNext (temporary name). The next Preview build will be the first North American, between March and may.

System Center vNext – launch Synchronized


This gives us an idea that we don’t have a release of System Center behind the Windows OS 10. It really was a problem with the release of System Center 2012 that couldn’t support Windows 2012 and only supported Windows 8 after SP1 that came out several weeks later.

Synchronization between the release of Windows 10 and System Center vNext will allow administrators to distribute is the new OS, as well as migration. This point is important taking into account the duration of 1 year for the free upgrade.

Windows 10-Compatibility


In this news we noted a commitment to maintain compatibility with Windows 7 and 8/8.1, assumed after seeing the difficulty that companies faced by having to migrate applications from Windows XP to Windows 7.

This difficulty of migration of Windows becomes more critical when we think about companies with hard-coded processes or equipment, such as machinery manufacturing and specialized computers. Some migration projects from Windows XP to Windows 7 failed and ended up making migration from Windows XP to Windows 8, so time-consuming that projects have become.

With the long-term commitment to compatibility, we can trust that will be easier migrations.

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