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Using Windows Azure Pack as Service Manager Portal


A constant complaint from users of the System Center Service Manager (SCSM) is your portal. In version available for testing Technical Preview that will be launched this year, the SM portal remains in SharePoint Foundation 2010 and without allowing customization at the interface. In this way, customers who use the WAP as external access, you should have a third tool to make requests.

However, something few have utilized is the integration between the Windows Azure Pack (WAP) with the Service Manager to provide a complete portal of self-provisioning with VMs, databases, Web sites, and service requests.

Configuring Windows Azure Pack as Service Manager Portal

The first step for integration is to download the GridPro component which is free until a signature (tenant), and need to purchase the Pro version to work with multiple signatures (multi-tenant).

Enter the WAP portal and Request Management download GridPro component, which will be manually and simple, requesting some data from Service Manager server:


After the installation of the component use the WAP interface to include the data from the server with the GridPro:



The next step is to include the Service Request Management as part of the signature pattern that is offered in the Azure portal Pack:


Using the Windows Azure Portal Pack

Now we can open the WAP portal and see that the tab "Requests" was enabled, allowing visas called open or add new called (incidents):


When using the creation of a new request, the modern WAP interface aligns with the data provided in the offer of the service, very clear and easy to understand:


If your service offering contains objects, such as lists and enumerators, all are supported in WAP:


As a result, when you open the request by WAP portal we can check all your details and the list of open requests:



When opening the request registered, we can see details and the list of activities that the Service Manager template sets in workflows, far more intuitive than the Self-Service Manager Portal and attached documents and articles of knowledge (KB):



Even the part of comments and interactions between the system/operator and the user are simple and easy to be accessed and used:




However, if your company still use Self-Portal, will be possible to show the so-called open in WAP within it, as the example below request that we open:



With the integration between the Windows Azure Pack 2.0 and System Center Service Manager, offer Cloud services (public or private) will become much more professional!

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