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Install and Using the VMM Network Builder


This new tool created by the VMM product team (Anjay Ajodha and Matt McGlynn) provides a graphical environment for creating virtual networks with System Center Virtual Machine Manager R2 2012.



After downloading the installer, which is very simple to be used, will create a zip file on the desktop which will be imported by VMM console:


It is not necessary to make the extraction of the XML file inside the zip, just go in the VMM console in Settings – > Console Add-ins and import wizard indicating the zip created by the installer:



Using the VMM Network Builder

The next step is to use the Network Builder, and is very simple and can be done in menu Fabric -> Networking or by the Build Network button on the taskbar:


At this point it will be possible to view the initialization wizard, where it will find the server and validate the existing data for the creation of a new virtual network:


The first setting that the administrator needs to set it if this new virtual network must have administrative and traffic segregation of data, which typically do not create every new virtual network. But if your design is to separate networks (NVGRE or others) is it worth to create the management network specifies:


Note: the network created will be called a "Management Network". If you rename it after created will be necessary to check dependencies with other objects.

Set if the hosts have physical network cards (NIC) separated or if management will also be virtual cards (vNIC):


The next step is to define the range of IPs that will be used for segregated management network:


Finally, we define the data network that the VMs will receive when using this virtual network, first setting a name for this network:


The next step is the definition of the name of the virtual network, VLANs (if any) and the IPv4 and/or Ipv6 range:


Note: the range of IPs management (Network Management) and (Logical Network) data may not be within the same range, in my case I used the values just as an example (see Tips at the end of the article)

Verify that the drawing was correct and whether you want a script to run on hosts. This script step is important, because the Network Builder will not change hosts for creating vSwitches. Therefore, request that the script is created and run it on the hosts that will use this new virtual network that is being created. Of course, you can also create the vSwitches manually on each host used the GUI:


  • Be careful when creating logical networks, because the VMM Network Builder does not validate the information, for example if the range of IPs management network is the same data network he shall acknowledge the error in the execution of the scripts of creation
  • Be careful when renaming objects after the creation of the network by the wizard, because the dependencies and the script for the host will not work unless fully verified and edited

Although very simple, the VMM Network Builder helps us a lot in managing virtual networks, preventing administrators who are getting acquainted with the tool forget some setting.

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