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Configuration Manager Servicing Extension for SCCM 2012 SP1 and R2


The package of service extension SCCM SP1 or R2 2012 is a very good resource for Admins of the SCCM stay updated regarding this product. He is still in beta, but already it is possible to see its advantages.

For those who want to download, subscribe in the beta at Connect:

The product installation is very simple, after accepting the contract he already is available in the Administration menu -> Site Servicing of SCCM, where we can see the current server version, a list of important updates are not installed and the summary of blogs and updates available for server and client:


Opening the menu options Site Servicing the first option to the show’s Website Version where are visible the Cumulative Update installed (CU), which in General is a very important piece of information that don’t always know to find it, since it is necessary to view installed updates to learn the CU:


Another option from the menu Site Updates filters which updates and cumulative updates for disppniveis version of SCCM 2012, allowing the administrator to download from the link provided:


The next menu Client Targets allows you to view the hostfixes and updates for agents/SCCM clients by version, as well as some of the above to the SCCM servers:


And finally, the menu Blogs will allow the administrator to view the messages posted on the blog of the product team and the support team, making it easier to update the news and latest product news:


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