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MIcrosoft Azure-New Portal


For those who haven’t met the new Windows Azure portal, I intend to explain in this post a little its advantages and functionalities, which in the latter’s Preview release with virtually all features ready.

I’m sure at the end you will change your internet shortcut to the new address as I did today!!!


Last MVP Summit at Microsoft in November 2013 were presented to the new model of interface that Microsoft was studying. On the occasion of the meeting, Josué Vidal and I could see how would be the interfaces and opine about it.

The intention is to create modular interfaces that go without banning the user has access to the previous menu items. For every function selected, instead of the screen being changed right opens a panel with the requested data allowing you to scroll back to the open items, which greatly facilitates the operation in tablets and touch screens.

Using and Customizing the dashboard

When you open the new Panel it’s possible to see how he is interactive. The blocks below are all customizaveis, allowing “pinar” items, change its size or location on the screen, similar to the Windows Start Menu 8:


To include new items on the Panel (applications or shortcuts), simply use the “Browse” button:


The selected items are all interactive and as seen in the first screen clipping and open in the introduction blocks right allowing use with right click commands (pressing with touch screen):


Finally, we can customize the position of items in the main panel, changing its size or location:


Managing Items

Until the previous version of the Preview was not possible change, edit, or create items. It was only possible to view them and in the case of VMs even that.

In this version it is possible to create VMs and edit its properties, of very simple form. The images below are the scroll screen down from the properties of a VM:




Finally, even the change of type of a VM brings very important data, different from the first Azure portal that only had the characteristics of CPU and memory, bringing all the details now:



Do not stop using the new portal. In some situations he will request that uses the original portal, but are in pouquissimas situations, as for example, configure the VPN network Gateway.

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