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Microsoft Azure (Iaas) Cost Estimator Tool


Yesterday Microsoft released an interesting tool to calculate costs of migration of virtual machines (from VMM or ESX) or physical.

The installation of the tool can be made by link

On the initial screen choose whether the inventory will be by VMM, ESX, Hyper-V or direct with the IPs of physical machines. For each of the types of inventory, he will ask the Manager data (VMM, Hyper-V or vCenter) or the IPs of physical machines.


In my example I used physical machines and select by type (Windows/Linux), IP, username and password. We can include up to 25 machines per cycle:


The next step is to choose the frequency with which you want the tool to do the research. As in my case the machine is linked don’t need to define recorrencias.


In the sequel the tool will list the capabilities of the machines that were analyzed and indicates the inventory data that are relevant to the making of the cost.


Finally, we have the report with the estimated costs for each Azure VM, choosing which region and the hardware profile for each VM chosen, besides the price profile:


This tool is very useful to allow the client has no idea what investment will be required in the migration, using real data!

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