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Monitoring Dell Servers and Storages EqualLogic with SCOM 2007 R2 and SCOM 2012 RC


Update information about Management Packs to SCOM 2012 R2:

All who use the System Center Operations Manager 2007 knows how important it becomes to understand the Management Packs to monitor details of applications, services and others.

However, few use the full potential that manufacturers offer by means of Management Packs owners and today I will show an implementation of SCOM integrated with Dell equipment, servers and EqualLogic, very interresant.

Noting that the Management Packs SCOM 2007 are compatible with the SCOM 2012 currently in Release Candidate.

To download the Server Pro and EqualLogic Pack download the packages from Microsoft Pinpoint in Dell’s packets, avoiding direct download from the site or save links, because they are frequently updated

For the examples in this post I downloaded Dell Server Suite packages, Dell Server Pro and Dell EqualLogic and all are FREE

23-12-2011 11-35-54

The next step is find the servers by Discovery Wizard and storage using the standard SNMP settings in Network Discovery with EqualLogic’s iSCSI portal IP, that already identifies the template as well as some basic information. Just wait a few minutes until the SCOM discover all information from servers and storage:

23-12-2011 11-36-3323-12-2011 11-30-13

First you can see the features that the Dell Server/PRO allow you to monitor and note in the example below that you are alerted when high processor temperature occurs, problems in fans, redundant sources, voltage, and until specific details such as opening the lid and problems with hot spare disks by the servers Healthy Explorer:

23-12-2011 11-31-04

Healthy Explorer also by the EqualLogic storage will be possible to get an idea of monitoring items, which are not limited to communication with storage but arrives at the level of groups, and physical disks:

23-12-2011 11-27-24

But the most interesting are, without views doubt, that these Management Packs. In the example below I used Complete Diagram View the and the result is excellent, where we have the storage groups, volumes, controllers and additional details:

23-12-2011 11-34-18

Note that when you click on the disk using the diagram until the serial number can be viewed, demonstrating the importance of these resources for administration of equipment:

23-12-2011 11-35-27

Of course I covered working and equipment that implement frequently and at this point the Dell has a very strong partnership with the product team to develop efficient monitoring configurations.

If you use third-party products you can find similar information Microsoft PinPoint catalog

  1. Yes, the MP is compatible with OM12 but it will not discover newly added Equalogic devices. So it will only work if you upgrade from 2007 to 2012 and only if the devices has been already discovered in 2007.

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