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Tool for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 by Dell


The SCCM Right Click Tool is free and very useful for those who administer CONFIGURATION MANAGER 2012 and compatible with the SP1 version.


To download the tool use the link

The installation is very simple and should be installed at stations where the SCCM console, and there is no need to install SCCM server.


The RCT creates options in 3 different groups of functionality: Client Actions, Client Logs and Client Tools:


The Client Logs allows you to open any log in SCCM clients installed. This becomes very useful, since open log remotely is not complicated, but laborious.

In Client Actions have the possibility more important this tool, that is run remotely the actions of the agent. For example, today to force the inventory in an agent opened the control panel and execute the action. With the RCT a SCCM administrator can remotely perform any of the actions:


Client Actions menu are possible several remote actions directly in the operating system of the customer, as for example, restart your computer, open the disk, view the running processes and run remote commands:


An example of remote action is the visualization of processes running at the station:


Therefore, the use of this tool greatly facilitates the everyday life of the administrator and can be considered indispensable!

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