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Windows Server 2012: NIC Team (Team)


The NIC Team is a resource that already exists today for servers with Broadcom BACS software ( and Intel PROSET software (, select your board model) but with some restrictions, for example, the boards have to be from the same manufacturer and of the same model.

The great advantage of the NIC Team is the ability to combine network cards to work as a single network interface, as shown below in the BACS. Note that two 1 GB network cards were grouped to create a single interface ("network") that Windows will be detected as an interface of 2 GB:


In addition, a common practice is to create the time and place the power cable on every other switches, so when a switch is not working or providing connection to server communication has no packet loss. In other words, we would be creating a redundancy for the network connection on the server.

New in Windows Server 2012

What was added in Windows 2012 is the run-time resource boards directly by the operating system, which will work with multiple manufacturers, models and speeds as a single logical interface for Windows.

An important observation is that it is not necessary to use Hyper-V or other software to use and take advantage of times of boards, for example, a database or a file server would take great advantage of this resource.

Configuring NIC Team

To set up a team of network cards, go to Server Manager and click the server will have the option to Configure NIC Team as shown in the image below:


In the sequel we can see the network cards, existing teams and on the tasks the option of creating new teams:


Creating a team is simple, simply indicate the plates and the communication mode. However, it is important to know the desired switch settings, therefore it must be configured for LACP (link aggregation) or Trunking to "understand" that the server will be on two different ports with the same MAC address and IP address.

If you are using a switch that does not have management for creation of aggregation (LACP) or trunking, choose the mode "Switch Independent" where it is not necessary to make specific settings on your network core switch. In this case Windows will direct the flow to one of the plates and automatically will make the exchange of cards when the primary is unavailable.

To do this choose the appropriate mode on the screen below after you configure the switches:


A detailed planning document and setting is available by Microsoft at and will help you a lot to better understand and utilize this feature properly.

Using the NIC Team in Hyper-V

In order to use the NIC Team in Hyper-V just choose the "Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver":



Windows 2012-NIC Team

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