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Upgrading System Center 2012 RTM/SP1 RC to SP1 RTM-Part 2 (SCVMM, SCDPM, SCSM and App)


With the release of the final version of Service Pack 1 for System Center 2012 was required to upgrade version of the products without the Service Pack or with the Service Pack 1 version of Release Candidate (RC). I will not address the Beta because it was already outdated compared to tests.

In my case, I made the updates from the two versions of all products and this will be a summary into two parts, the first being with System Center Configuration Manager, System Center Operations Manager 2012 2012 and Orchestrator (

This second post I’ll discuss System Center Virtual Machine Manager, System Center Data Protection Manager, System Center Service Manager and System Center App.

  From RTM From SP1 RC Agents
Data Protection Manager Upgrade without interventions Upgrade without interventions Require upgrade, disable  jobs until upgrade agents
Virtual Machine Manager Does not allow upgrade but lets you select the same database Does not allow upgrade but lets you select the same database Upgrade agents automatically
Service Manager Allow upgrade, but require Cumulative Update 2 Does not allow upgrade but lets you select the same database

AppController Does not allow upgrade but lets you select the same database Does not allow upgrade but lets you select the same database Recommended upgrade of VMM 2012 to SP1
Data Protection Manager (DPM)

Of 4 products that migrated in this wave DPM is the one who allows the migration automatically. Just put the installer and upgrade will occur without problems:

07-01-2013 18-19-38

However, it is important that after the server migration is performed the upgrade of agents, which may require that the server be restarted:

07-01-2013 18-20-55

Important: Windows Server 2012 has a hotfix to prevent the CSV offline during backup operations available in

Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)

VMM migration is not allowed, requiring to be uninstalled the previous version:

07-01-2013 21-05-49

However, the solution to keep the same database (Retain Database) solves the problem by allowing the structure previously configured to be harnessed. To do this choose the appropriate option when the installer is detected that there is already a database in SQL Server:

07-01-2013 21-07-42

On the screen later will be possible to confirm the database and allow the upgrade:

07-01-2013 21-11-51

Finally, indicate that you want to use the same Library:

07-01-2013 21-12-13

So the environment is operational and the console will be shown a warning on hosts indicating that there is a new version of the agent, but not impossible to manage.

Service Manager (SCSM)

The Service Manager can be updated as long as the Cumulative Update 2 in the RTM version. If the SP1 version Beta/RC upgrade is not possible.

To start the installer will be able to choose the upgrade option that occurs without many problems, as happens with DPM in the topic above.

When we have a server with SP1 beta or RC the error message as below:

07-01-2013 21-42-03


The AppController does not allow upgrade but allows reuse of the data base in the reinstallation of the product.

The process is to uninstall the existing version and reinstall the new one. Note that you cannot change the database, the information appear disabled because the installer detects that had previously Setup:

07-01-2013 23-00-01

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