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Using Robocopy to Sync Data From Windows 2012 to NAS (Linux)


This week I had to migrate data from a Linux server for Windows and I went through a problem that already knew where all executions Robocopy copies again unchanged files with the status "Modified" or "Never".

I have a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo to run VMs and file backup and at the time of purchase I set up a script to synchronize data between your notebook and the NAS that uses ext3, FAT32 compatible.

The problem is that FAT32 uses timestamp on files with precision of 2 milliseconds other than NTFS, as shown in the print below. Note that the file on the left is the location (S) and the one on the right of the NAS and see the difference in the tags "Created" and "Modified":


To resolve this, there is a very simple solution: Add the /FFT parameter at the end of the command.

Now synchronization occurs successfully, will still show the message "Changed" in the files in the output of the command, but he will no longer copy these files unchanged.


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