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New SkyDrive Client in Windows Live Essentials 2012


With the package upgrade Windows Live Essentials 2012, one of the features that became much higher is the SkyDrive client for data synchronization.

The new package is available at

Two new features are interesting, the first quick and easy synchronization. SkyDrive will create a folder in documents and the entire contents of this folder is synchronized. In tests on that deleted a file on a computer and I added files in the same folder on the tablet, the result was correct.

Another nice feature is the "Make files on the PC available to me on my other devices" where the local files on your computer are available over the internet.


The result is that when entering the can see the folder "Computers" where they appear the computers that have the agent installed SkyDrive, which may include Windows Phones, and allows remote access local files:


Finally, the available space on the registration version is 7 GB, but can be increased to annual fees, below:


Worth also know the new Movie Maker and Photo Gallery with very interesting resources as improvements in image processing and effects in videos.

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