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MMS 2012 – News and Watch the Event Content Online



An event of this size really deserves to be highlighted.

Over the next days I will talk about some interesting items that I saw on MMS with detailed posts, but it’s worth a few highlights:

  • Official launch of the final versions of the suite System Center 2012
  • Official release of MDOP 2012 with the new version of App-V 5.0 and a new feature called EU-V that allows you to virtualize the application profile, which is a very useful in VDI environments
  • Official release of new MDT 2012, including now Windows 2012 migrating support
  • Official release of new ADK (previous name WAIK), including new ACT, MAP and assessment tools to migrating for Windows 2012
  • Windows “8” which is now called Windows 2012, whether on the Client or Server version, which is very interesting considering that all new products already released as System Center and SQL Server use the same nomenclature
  • Several case studies and problem solving with SCCM, SCOM, SCDPM, Hyper-V and especially Windows XP migration and VDI for Windows 7, where I highlight the lecture “How we migrated 90 thousand desktops in 18 months”

I would like to attend the lectures of the MMS?

Be aware that it is possible to attend all lectures by DigitalMMS at address to create a account and free access all the contents, including the option of ppts download in PDF format.

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