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Microsoft Assessment and Deployment Kit – New WAIK package


Most it professionals who use Microsoft have used the ACT to make assessment and inventory of environments, MDT to deploy images across the network using PXE, USMT to migrate the ScanState and LoadState with profiles and other features that were distributed between the ACT and the WAIK.

Now with the release of the Beta versions of Windows 8 Client and Server Microsoft has created the new WAIK that takes its name from Microsoft ADK or Assessment and Deployment Kit.

As the name itself says the main change was the unification of tools in a single Setup Manager, which was divided into 3 different downloads needed (ACT, WAIK and SQL Server Express).

The installation can be done in two ways with the installer, available on the link

  1. Online installation where we downloaded the installer, choose the tools and the download is done on an as-needed basis or
  2. Offline installation where we all installers for a specific directory and we can do the installation without the need for internet connection.
Online Installation

This installation is good for environments where we will install a single time with less use of internet link because the download and installation of the selected features only occurs, as shown in the image below:


Note that although we use of 3.8 GB this is not to say that the download is complete, since they are downloaded the installers that are expanded and then generated data from each, but the use of link is considerable.

Offline Installation

The offline Installer is much better for those who will make a download nightly to proceed with the installation at a later time and for those who will use the package at other times.

The donwload is selected on the first screen of the ADK where we choose the offline option and then select the directory where you copied the files downloaded, as the image below:

ADK Offline

Note that in this case the required space represents the total downloads, since we are downloading the installation files.

In this case was selected all tools as the image shown above, but features can choose only those that you want.

Will create the following file structure, where the adksetup.exe is the installer of funcionalides, as shown in image below:


When calling the offline installation executable will prompt the directory where Setup should be done, acceptance of the contract and the selection of features to be installed, and will already have previously selected the packages that have been previously downloaded.

In the next few days will be testing the tools in AIK and posting here the new functionalities and usages of this important tool for migrating Windows XP to Windows 7.

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