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System Center 2012 Licensing – Server and Client


It was reported the new licensing model for System Center 2012, which facilitated much the way sell the product package. Actually the fact now not having more individual licenses for each of the 8 products that are part of the family System Center 2012 is an advantage. However, it is important to remember two factors that many are leaving aside:

  1. The current System Center already had a licensing Suite Enterprise call involving all products
  2. Client licensing still continues to exist, being an important cost in the final calculation, but also possessed the Enterprise CAL Suite option

For System Center current did some calculations to demonstrate how much some implementations ( in and it is good to clarify how to get the same data now, including the license of customers, and make the comparison.

License for Servers

Now the licensing can be Standard or Enterprise:

  • Standard is for physical or virtual machines and covers only two processors and 2 virtual machines at a cost of $ 1,323
  • Enteprise does not limit the number of servers to the ecosystem, but limits the number of physical processors on the host at a cost of $ 3,607

It may seem confusing, but it is actually simple, imagining the scenario where a server (host) with 4 physical processors:

  • If you are implementing a VM for each feature, so 8 VMs, the ideal would be to buy 2 (two) Enterprise license since each license cover 2 processors and wouldn’t “count” the number of VMs
  • If you are going to implement up to 4 VMs grouping roles ideally buy 2 (two) Standard licenses since each license covers 2 processors and 2 VMs

Note: in the first example above the cost of having two Enterprise licenses is $ 7,214 while with the Standard is $ 5,292. It seems that the decision should be thought out carefully!!!

License for Customers

We have a table of different, because customers licensing are 3 licenses depending on the product that will be used:


The licenses are not cumulative, but travellers. So if you want to use the SCCM, SCOM, VMM and DPM on a given server will need to purchase the license of CMC and to CMSL at a cost of $ 183. On the old template would be necessary to spend $ 354 ($ 157 SCCM Server License and SCOM and $ 70 by VMM and license Suite DPM that are).

Note: In current package licenses for servers are different from those of stations, with cost and higher.


See the System Center 2012 cost simulation with the same parameters of the simulation with the previous version, 1000 customers and 10 servers:

Product Server License * Client License Total Value
Configuration Manager 2012  $             7.214,00  $           62.620,00  $               69.834,00
Operations Manager 2012  Already included   $        122.210,00  $            122.210,00
Data Protection Manager 2012  Already included   Already included   $                              – 
Virtual Machine Manager 2012  Already included   Already included   $                              – 
Service Manager 2012  Already included   Already included   $                              – 
Orchestrator  Already included   Already included   $                              – 
Total  $ 192.044,00
* Taking into account a server for each role  

Note we have a higher cost, but note that in the simulation with current products was not quoted the SCSM nor the Orchestrator, which would increase and the final value of $ 113,863


Follow the links to the documents containing the data mentioned in this post:

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