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Integrating System Center Orchestrator 2012 with Active Directory


Previously I started some tests with the Orchestrator and this is an excellent tool (System Center Orchestrator 2012 – Introduction)

Microsoft has released a few days (12/21/2011) a package to integrate AD tasks to the Orchestrator and was very good with tasks as block/unblock users and computers, create/edit/delete users, OUs, groups, and all other tasks as the print below shows the toolbox of Orchestrator Designer:

27-12-2011 12-18-10

To install these tools you need to download package in, making the integration package import (file with extension OIP) and distribute to the desired servers. Follows the order in which activities are carried out, starting with the Integration Pack registry:

27-12-2011 12-14-21

The next step is Integration Pack deploy to the servers where the task will run, pointing out that has nothing to do with DCs and Yes with the servers RunBooks running:

27-12-2011 12-15-43

When finished will be registered on the server as shown below and will automatically appear in Orchestrator Design as shown in the first image.

27-12-2011 12-16-32

One more interesting feature of this tool that will be an important application in the new family of System Center 2012 products.

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