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SCOM 2007 R2 Web Console Access Error


This is a recurring behavior that step and get several emails with this case.

To install SCOM 2007 R2 Web Console complains that it is not possible to open the web site with the error below.



Another common situation is to be able to access the login screen but soon in the sequel the error below appear, usually with a refresh on screen the console appears, but is not a correct solution.



This problem is due to the Web Console have fixed paths pointing to HTTPS and IIS is not configured to do so.


The first step is to create an internal digital certificate (self-signed) to IIS or import an existing external certificate, accessing the option Server Certificates at the console of the IIS server.

To create a new certificate, click Create self-signed Certificate on the actions menu, and set a name for the use of the certificate of preference must be the name that will be used in the URL, typically the name of the server, such as the screen below shows:


Next right-click on the site of the Web Console and use Edit Bindings option that is where we indicate the ports, URLs and certificates used for access to each Web site in IIS:


Bind the certificate to a port with Add … button and delete the previous port that was not linked to a certificate.

However, in this case the shortcuts created will not work, to maintain the same shortcuts you will need to create a port any, delete the default port (in the example below 51908) and recreate the port https this time and the certificate you want for the encryption of traffic:


Remembering that these steps may also be required in other cases, such as the VMM portal and dashboards in General.

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