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New Features of Failover Cluster in Windows 8



A post on the blog of the Windows product team 8 stand light on new features that the Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) would.

Many features are configuration and management, but some stand out:

  • Live Migration with multiples network cards – We now call a plate to support Live Migration and are limited to a VM at a time. Windows 8 will use all cards that are available for the process, enabling greater performance and multiple operations. The process will change from a dedicated card as it is today to use the free bandwidth across the plates.
  • Affinity and Prioritization of VMs These were two delicate topics when MSCS solutions vendiamos, because we have no way to indicate the sequence with which VMs should start, much less, the dependency between them. This caused problems with applications like SharePoint, System Center or IIS that depended on the SQL Server be started to work. As we could not indicate this order IIS servers rose before SQL, causing or instability in services.
  • New limits of 63 us and up to 4000 VMs – Today the limit is 16 cluster nodes with up to 1000 VMs or 384 per host. With the new limit of 63 us increased correspondingly to 4000 VMs. an increase of 4 times the number of supported host and VMs.
  • Transparent Failover File Server – This is one of the very important items that for many passed unnoticed in projects and in the administration of the day-to-day if giving account. When you move a share of a virtual File Server from one node to other node, SMB (communication protocol) lost the session and the user received an error message. In the SMB3 with Windows 8 will be possible to migrate without loss of session, solving this problem. Additionally this also happens if the File Server was moved to a remote site, but in this case enters the Hyper-V Replica that already is another new feature in Hyper-V and not from MSCS.

Those who want to read the entire contents, follow the link

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