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Official training and certification for SQL Server 2012


It was announced in a video by time of Learning how to be the training and certification exams to the SQL Server 2012, but note that the numbers of MOC and exams can still be changed.

Despite the video be "closed" to the MCTs, is it possible to download the ppt in that includes information about the VMs that are being planned and details of each new MOC.

Among the main innovations are:

  • Recertification every 3 years with a specific examination, which was a change requested by a survey on the site Born to Learn
  • Alignment between MOC and examination that the many years we as MCTs particularly asked you all
  • Exams with greater difficulty and domain of subject-based test instead of "memorize" as happens today with questions very focused "where I click" and not "because doing so"
  • Labs based on scenario and not on tools as it is today in Moca, where often do not understand what is done in the lab, since the scenario is not clear. For example, connecting a particular option and see that no longer works the previous query, that wouldn’t have anything to do with the practice that we use
  • Only two tracks, DBA and BI. Today we have 3 trails: DBA administrator, DBA developer and BI, being that it makes no sense there is a non-DBA develops SPs, Triggers and other
  • Update trainings and exams for the SQL Server 2008 R2 that is already from December

Below are some of ppt slides of the presentation:





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