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Error 0x85640004 and SP1.NET Framework 3.5 when you install SQL Server 2012 RC0


Yesterday was published the SQL Server link 2012 RC0 and of course I will install to start some tests.

0x85640004 error

However, when this screen was the error above when choosing a user to the Distributed Replay Controller, which is one of the new features with the goal of making workload tests:


Include in message: “There was a failure to validate setting CTLRUSERS in validaton function ValidateUsers.”

The solution is to leave without choosing users, either by Add Current User button or Add… because the error occurs in the same way.

If you want to insert or change the default user follow the steps in this paper: (SQL. 110) .aspx

.NET Framework

Another problem when install is the request of SP1.NET Framework 3.5:


If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 with SP1.NET Framework does not support the installation of version 3.5, because these two operating systems already have inline version 3.5.1.

In this case the solution is to open the Server Manager of Windows and install the Feature, or Add and Remove Windows 7:


How the framework built in these two OS’s is latest to ignore the error message SQL and after installation of the feature click Rerun and continue the installation.

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