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Adding nodes in the Cluster-problem with "Owner" of CSV Volumes



To add a new node in an existing cluster faced a problem in HA (High Avaliability) when you move the storage error occurred "This node is not a possible owner for this resource".


In general this error does not happen, because by adding a new node to the cluster this already adds the new host as "Possible Owner", but in this case in particular, the problem was the iSCSI configuration was incorrect and the new host couldn’t access one of the units of the CSV, causing "Redirect Access".

After resolving the problem of routes of iSCSI disks were visible, but it was not migrated to the new host and accuses the error indicating that the new host was not one of the possible owners.

In the case of a VM or Quorum just right-click to access the list of Possible Owners, but that does not exist in storage units.


PowerShell Modules using the run the cmdlet below and see which one of the units of storage does not have the new server in the list of nodes:

Get-ClusterSharedVolume | Get-ClusterOwnerNode

ClusterObject               OwnerNodes
————-                      ———-
Unidade_G                   {ServerA}
Unidade_H                   {ServerA, ServerB}

In the sequel uses the comlet below to define the Owners of the unit that is incorrect:

Set-ClusterOwnerNode -Owners ServerA,ServerB -Resource "Unidade_G"

Finally, execute the initial command again and see that now the Owners are correct:

Get-ClusterSharedVolume | Get-ClusterOwnerNode

ClusterObject                OwnerNodes
————-                       ———-
Unidade_G                   {ServerA, ServerB}
Unidade_H                   {ServerA, ServerB}


Before you can solve the problem trying to use the Get-ClusterResource cmdlet | Get ClusterOwnerNode-CSV units but not listed, with the exception of the Quorum.

  1. I get the following output of “Get-ClusterSharedVolume | Get-ClusterOwnerNode | fl” or “ft -auto”:

    {001VH20, 001VH21, 001VH22, 001VH23…}

    We have 6 nodes in our cluster, but I can see only 4 nodes.

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