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System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2012 – News


After testing the SCOM and SCVMM, SCCM versions 2012, I install and do the first tests with DPM 2012.


The DPM installation 2012 is quiet, as was already the past, with a simple to use and containing menu options features autonomas as manual installation of the agent.

Note that now the DPM is used with SQL Server 2008 R2, which can be installed as part of the package. The novelty is that we can use a single SQL Server for multiple DPM servers already which is no longer used the SQL Express Edition.


New UI

The product already has changed a lot in the interface, what really made the difference. Funny how “clean” interfaces are better than those based on Tree View that used long before.

Now we have the interface based on layout of Outlook 2010, with the Ribbon and without the tabs separating items for each menu, that mixed up whenever the full view of each group of options, as shown in the image below, highlighting the filters of Jobs and the summary of alerts in the left part of menu.

Tela Inicial

On the “Monitoring” were also made to the UI changes, where we can notice the summary on the left side with the agents, disks and tapes.


Protection groups

I found very interesting changes in protection groups (Protection Groups), first in the layout that now has the status summary on the side and an index of protection groups, which may seem simple, but knows who has more than 10 groups like was difficult to navigate through the items. Note also that the Ribbon has the functions before only accessible by right. Featured also for the new functions of “Resume” Backup to disk and tape allowing continue a backup instead of “option” Recovery Point previous where escolhiamos “short” and “long” term that nothing more was that disk and tape respectively.


In creating a group is now possible to set multiple schedules for the backup “long term” allowing annual policies, monthly and weekly what up DPM 2010 was necessary to manually copy the tapes for permanent archives.


Data recovery

An interesting change in the area of data recovery and are the “Search” in the sidebar, where we can now search for a postal box within the backups, another item that gave us a lot of work and now will be facilitated.



Finally, in the area of previous reports have the same functions, but now with part of scheduling and sending e-mail clearer on the bottom bar. This is an important feature considering managed environment correctly with monitoring by the reports received by e-mail.


Other News

Alem of the news that I discussed above have other quoted in the Release Notes:

  • Don’t need Hyper-V on the DPM server to the backup of VMs with Change Block Tracking and VM Item Restore (ILR)
  • Can secure machinery outside the DPM server domain-based security with digital certificates
  • Manages DPM servers 2010 and 2012 on the same console
  • RBAC as well as in Exchange for security and granular access control
  • Feature support File Stream from SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Configuration of co-location on tapes

Link to download the DPM 2012 and Release Notes

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