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Emulator for Tape Drive compatible with DPM (VTL)


Since the posts that run tests on DPM and use of Tapes ( who ask me how to mount the lab environment.

What is a VTL?

It is clear that on occasion I used a real Tape Drive, but it is possible to emulate, and very well. I made this yesterday for tests with the DPM 2012 ( and note that works perfectly. This technology is called the Virtual Tape Library (VTL).


The name of the program you use for VTL is the FireStreamer ( and can emulate up to 8 robots with 255 tapes drives and 60 thousand slots!

If you want to download the program for tests or demonstrations with DPM can use 30 days trial available on the site.

But what is the real function of a VTL?

Its function is to allow backups “long term” in media that are not detectable tapes by DPM or other softwares.

For example, imagine that your intention is to create a mobile backup to Blu-Ray or external HD, since DPM does not see these devices as library removable media that are not valid. Another common need is to move up to another location and with the normal backup “short term” DPM is not possible for being proprietary format.

In these cases, the solution is to use a VTL and point the tape to the desired device, which is nothing more than a local disk path, as shown in the image below.


See that in the example will be emulated 5 Tape Drives with 200 slots at all, being that I’ve added a pointing that will create a file “Fita.bak” in the directory “Tapes”.

It’s all, with this or another VTL software is solved the problem of using external HDs for backup!

  1. Sam John permalink

    Our Data Protection Manager 2012 server is installed on a virtual machine (VMware). We have a Storagetek L700 tape library. Is there any way to utilize the tape library with DPM?

    • Hi Sam,

      Sorry for delay, but I see message today.
      VMWare not have a virtual drivers for TLs. Only option is use a VTL (I have a post about this).


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