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First impressions: Windows 8 Server Developer Preview


I will summarize some items of usability and administration of Windows 8 DP Server, available for MSDN subscribers.

First, the new start menu that now has a vision for clean, instead of competing with desktop space occupies the entire screen:

Windows 8-1

One of the news that I found very interesting and overcame what imagined is the Server Manager. This first image we see the dashboard with the options key and note the "All Servers", as in the images below.

Windows 8-2

In this screen we see that we now have the possibility of administering a server group, with the screen summarizing all services, events and roles grouped, performance alerts, consolidated also.

Windows 8-3

The summary screen of the new features shows the intention to use it to administer the entire group of servers.

Windows 8-6

And we have the menu underlines that, with the option "Add Servers".

Windows 8-4

The addition of features (features) now is the integrated roles (roles) and allows choice for scenarios, for example, when more than one role or feature is required for a service.

Windows 8-7

Note the option to install on any server or even a group of servers at the same time.

Windows 8-8

Finally, the Task Manager was sensational!

Windows 8-11Windows 8-12Windows 8-13

Is it ai, for now I haven’t had time to see the capabilities, but has to see that productivity will be much improved.

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