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Error in Microsoft ACT 5.6 with Windows 7 and 2008 R2 SP1


We use for Assessment on the customers and 5.6 ACT is a very good tool to generate data for applications.

However, in many cases already came across machines in the environment Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 installed, and the ACT cannot perform inventories.


The pickup directory receives the files but the ACT moves all Unprocessed folder or Failed indicating error in treatment.

After a while ACT Collector service and falls in the event viewer logs errors with Event ID 0 with the message:

INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint “Logical_Machine_OS_ForeignKey”. The conflict occurred in database “ACT”, table “dbo.The “column ‘ osID ‘.


In the ACT database there is a table with all operating systems and is not in the valid version of SP1, and this is the problem of foreign key.


It is necessary to add two rows in the table of the ACT database:

Open command prompt and the type SQLCMD-S <servidor/instancia>


Enter the command, using Copy-Paste:

INSERT INTO [dbo].[OS] ([osID], [osName], [HttpCapabilitiesBase.MajorVersion], [minorVersion, buildNumber], [servicePackName], [servicePackMajor], [servicePackMinor], [csdVersion], [productType], [suite], [publishedDate])
VALUES (N ‘, N ‘ 6.1.1 Windows 7 SP1 ‘, .0 .1 .6 N ‘ Service Pack 1 .0 .1 ‘, N ‘ Service Pack 1 .0 .0 ‘, ‘ 2/22/2011 ‘)

INSERT INTO [dbo].[OS] ([osID], [osName], [HttpCapabilitiesBase.MajorVersion], [minorVersion, buildNumber], [servicePackName], [servicePackMajor], [servicePackMinor], [csdVersion], [productType], [suite], [publishedDate])
VALUES (N ‘ 6.1.1.SRV ‘, N ‘ Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 ‘, .0 .1 .6 N ‘ Service Pack 1 .0 .1 ‘, N ‘ .3 .0 Service Pack 1 ‘, ‘ 2/22/2011 ‘)

Obs: If this commands occurs error, try commands in

Now move the files that are Failed folder or Unprocessed to the root of the collection directory and the files will be processed successfully!


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  1. Mauricio Pimentel permalink

    Marcelo, fui utilizar os comandos da solução acima, mas dava erro de síntaxe. Só aceitou os comandos quando utilizei a síntaxe mostrada no documento

    • Olá Mauricio,

      Como o meu post é antigo realmente houve alterações, porque na ocasião que escrevi nem o Windows 7 SP1 estava no banco de dados.
      Vou incluir o seu link no post, obrigado pelo headsup.
      Absurdo não terem incluido isso, deveriam atualizar o banco de dados do ACT.

      Um abraço!

      • Mauricio Pimentel permalink

        Concordo com você Marcelo, pois esses sistemas operacionas já deveriam estar na base do ACT há tempos! Obrigado pelo retorno.

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