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SharePoint 2010–Technical Reference, Planning Guide for Farms and Environments and Operations Guide


Available week respectively 22 May, 27 May and 6 Jun these three official guides are excellent.

Technical reference for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Brings all error messages that SharePoint is and how to solve, very interesting and essential for use in day to day.

Are 505 pages with symptom, cause and solution included step-by-step guides to solving problems.


Planning guide for server farms and environments for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

This guide is more complete than the IPD because not just recommendations, but how to do.

It comes to Hosting, Fisico x Virtual, drawings, Search settings, URLs and many other with practical examples and templates that can be used, all in 307 pages.

Moreover brings the TechCenter links to assist in implementation.


SharePoint Server 2010: Operations Framework and Checklists

This guide has focused on day to day operations, explaining the tasks daily, weekly and monthly that an administrator needs to perform.

Is a guide of 73 pages very good for the environment implemented operation.


Enjoy these tabs, if you can read everything you is ninja!

But it is worth saving for when you need it, because for sure you will see!


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