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Tasks and settings for a Server Core with WMIC


Continuing to talk about the difficulties that many find to administer a Windows 2008 Server Core, let’s talk a little about WMIC (Windows Management Instrumentation command-line).

This is a command which opens a console to administer all WMI resources available, which includes almost the entire Windows environment.

To access it, use the command prompt and call WMIC:


For all commands, type "/?" and you will see the formatting output switchs and straight to the list of possible commands.

Here are some sample commands available:

  • PRODUCT – lists all installed programs
  • QFE – list of updates installed on the machine
  • SHARE – Lists the shared directories
  • PROCESS — List running processes (similar to Task Manager)
  • NICCONFIG – Administering the network adapters, IP, etc.

Any of these commands and subcommands can be queried with the "/?":


The above example shows how to enable DHCP on a plate by using "NICCONFIG CALL ENABLEDHCP", or put the IP of the DNS by using "NICCONFIG CALL ENABLEDNS (<IP>)".

Important: So NETSH as the WMIC commands can be executed in line, which makes it an interesting tool for use in scripts.

Take a test now and use this interesting tool is also available since Windows XP and in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 normal installation (GUI).

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