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Migrating public folders in Exchange 2010


A difficulty that we noticed in Exchange 2007/2010 compared to Exchange 2003 is the difficulty of migrating public folders when a server is disabled for other distributed servers.

Enter folder by folder to change is a slow process and we don’t have an easy way to replicate from the top down, especially when we have multiple trees.

To do this in Exchange 2003 used the PFDAVAdmin is not compatible with Exchange 2010.

Now Microsoft has updated the tool to Exchange 2010 SP1 that can also be used for Exchange 2007 SP2 and Exchange 2010 RTM called ExFolders.

The interesting this tool is to make the replica from top to bottom in any desired tree level, like the image below shows:


Note the Folder Permissions option that allows you to change permissions quickly. The option Propagate replica list to correct problems with servers that are down from top to bottom and subfolders right yesterday we see all the settings for a folder, such as replicas, items and boundaries.

This is the essential tool in a migration!

Link to Download

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