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Logoff on a Windows 2008 Server Core


Today I saw a technical desperate because someone logged on Server Core and closed the Command Prompt.

It may seem somewhat silly but really is complicated when you do this.

But is there an easy way to solve the problem, the little known command LOGOFF. Example:

Logoff 1/server: W2K8Core

Where the number 1 is the number of session, where 0 (zero) is the console and remote are 1 and 2.

Ready, now simply login again and open the command prompt.

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  1. You can also hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc to start the Task Manger. From there you can start a new command prompt from the File menu (select Run, type cmd and click OK). Then you can logoff like normal.

  2. Simon Davis permalink

    And if you don’t your RDP session ID…. C:\qwinsta :-)

  3. NoMan permalink

    CTRL+ALT+END if you use remote desktop to start taskmanager

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