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System Center Advisor (Atlanta Project)


In the last days at the MVP Summit and MMC, Microsoft showed that is aggressive in its migration to the cloud with the release of System Center Advisor Beta (and!!!.aspx)

Atlanta is a product that delivers what MBSA and other BPAs (Best Practices Analyzer) to provide an environment of real-time monitoring and updated.

What Atlanta inherits MBSA/BPAs are features of best practices, environmental analysis, list of updates and others. What sets it apart is the fact of being active and not passive like MBSA/BPAs.

The SCOM Atlanta inherits the functionality of active alerts, with the advantage of containing KBs of Microsoft online, which facilitates the resolution of problems. Moreover, the SCA does not allow creating new events and collectors as we do with SCOM to monitor applications in house.

While the Atlanta only monitors servers with SQL Server and Windows Server but is open to the possibility of other servers being aggregated.

The client is downloaded and installed locally on the servers to be monitored and works with one of them designated as proxy to make the role of sending and receiving data.

Following are some sample screens:

Configuration screen

Initial alerts screen

Screen sample alerts

For now the SCA is in beta for free just sign site for product details and register.

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