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Force a reinstallation of SCCM 2007 client


In certain cases the reinstallation of the SCCM 2007 client can be compromised, especially when there was a clone or the computer was renamed and does not report correctly. In these cases the customer is not settles and is necessary to follow some steps.


After renaming or clone a machine SCCM does not report the new machine or duplicates in the list of systems.

It is good to remember that whether we really have a problem we need to wait the full period of DDR performed by Heartbeat Discovery. This period is where the client sends a status of complete DDR (Discovery Data Record).

In these cases we try to uninstall and reinstall the client, but the process "ccmsetup" hangs and does not perform any task, parked by the Task Manager without any activity.


SCCM identifies a client not by his name but rather by its ID (Record ID column in the database). In these cases several clients are with the Resource ID causing this behavior anomalo.

To uninstall a client that in the past has been operating and reported inventories, data remain on the local machine for fast execution (delta) in the following inventories. This way, some settings are still present and past the installer turns out to be inactive.


Follow a sequence of steps to clear previous data and doing a new installation:

  1. Go into Task Manager and overthrow the CCMSETUP.Running EXE
  2. Open the Explorer and delete the directories CCM and CCMSETUP that are in the Windows\system32 folder. It is possible that an error occurs while deleting the directory accusing that are in use, restart the machine and delete the directory
  3. Delete the SMSCFG file in the Windows directory, as well as the contents of directory Windows\MS\SMS
  4. The SCCM console, delete the machines that are the problem
  5. Perform discovery tasks manually, and wait for the machines appear on the console again
  6. When the engraving reappear just install the client manually or even in Push mode

In some cases even this will solve. If you continue reporting in General wrong compare files Windows\SMSCFG.ini of machine and verify the AD’s SID is the same in both. If this is the case, the only way is to reinstall. This happens because it was done a cloning machine without run before SYSPREP causing duplicate SIDs which generate SMS a same GUID.

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